Key Differentiators

Four distinctive attributes make i-Impact Group the partner of choice for financial service companies:


11. Financial Services Expertise — We combine the investment and wealth management expertise of our team, with strong financial media relationships, communications and branding experience, to help our clients maximize their equity and brand value.

22. Engagement — We are intellectually engaged in our clients’ world and understand financial products and strategies, as well as industry regulatory and compliance rules.

33. Dedication — Our senior management — not junior staff — is actively involved in the creation and deployment of our programs and handles daily account activities.

44. Balance — We are not obsessed with the quantity of clients in our portfolio. We’re zealous about the quality of service we provide.


We strongly believe that all public relations and marketing communication activities should be formulated and implemented within a clear and strategic framework.

We regard our clients’ business goals not as static points but as dynamic targets. With this in mind, we devote our utmost attention to a communication program’s evolving strategic context.

Our campaigns have a straightforward goal: to be instrumental to bottom-line growth. To achieve this goal, we follow a clear-cut three-step process:

  1. Awareness — We attain a profound understanding of each of our clients’ unique identity, business, culture, offerings, vision and goals.
  2. Empowerment — Through our proprietary Message Map™ process we help define our clients’ audiences and key differentiators, and craft influential, audience-centric messages, which then become the foundation of any communication, marketing and branding initiative.
  3. Deployment — We engage in relentless outreach to engage, influence and motivate our clients’ audiences and
    the media.